Bangkok Parks

The Best Green Spaces in the City

Bangkok is a concrete jungle, but there are several lush, green spaces where you may enjoy some fresher air, that you may be surprised to find quite well preserved. They mostly attract locals, but a few tourists often join them on the jogging trails or relaxing on the grass. These parks have brightly-colored tropical plants and many are home to the large monitor lizards (don’t be alarmed, as they’re mostly harmless). They’re also the perfect spots for picnics, after grabbing some of the street food from a vendor nearby.

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park, Bangkok

A statue of King Rama VI stands by the main entrance to Bangkok’s “central park,” which was Thailand’s first public park. Named after the Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal and formerly owned by the royal family, it became a public green space modeled after British parks and the site of annual ceremonies. Some original structures survive, such as bridges, a clock tower, and buildings with doric columns.
It’s an early-morning destination for the city’s elderly Chinese community, which practices tai chi as young joggers pass by. In the evening it attracts children to the playgrounds, students, and the neighborhood’s office workers, and everyone shows up on Sunday evenings for concerts.
At any time, don’t be surprised to see a (harmless) 1m-long (3 feet) lizard (a water monitor) on the grass or on the mud around the artificial lake, which has swan-shaped paddle boats for rent.
Opening hours: 4:30am-9pm
Locate it on Google Maps: Lumphini Park

Benjakitti Park

Made up of undulating tropical gardens, this public park inaugurated in 2004 is a green oasis in the city center. Surrounded by high-rise apartment and office buildings, it attracts locals for its large pond, bicycle lanes and 10-km (6-mile) track for joggers.
Opening times: 5am-8pm
Locate it on Google Maps: Benjakitti Park

Benjasiri Park

This public park, by the busy Sukhumvit Road, was laid out in 1992, to commemorate the queen’s 60th birthday. It’s decorated with sculptures, several types of plants, trees creating a tropical forest, and an exhibition hall used for the queen’s social and charitable projects.
There’s also a children’s playground, and a fitness area.
Opening times: 6am-8pm
Locate it on Google Maps: Benjasiri Park

Santiphap Park

Located in the middle of a commercial center, this park was created as a mini-jungle to provide cooling shade and refreshing relief from the surrounding chaos. A fountain is practically the only man-made structure, as this is meant to be a place for locals to enjoy nature. It’s a meeting place for families and friends, who often get together for concerts and picnics.
Locate it on Google Maps: Santiphap Park

Saranrom Park

Faced by Saranrom Palace, which dates back to 1874, this park features monuments of royals, a pond with a fountain, octagonal and hexagonal pavilions, and a glasshouse.
Opening times: 5am-8pm
Locate it on Google Maps: Saranrom Park

Romaneenart Park

Created on the site of a former prison, this park has a large lawn, a children’s playground, a stadium, and an elegant fountain with bronze sculptures. It’s by Wat Suthat, one of Bangkok’s must-see temples.
Locate it on Google Maps: Romaneenart Park

Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak Park, Bangkok

Located right next to the weekend market of the same name, this park has been a public space since 1975. It’s where tourists and locals take a break after browsing the market, sitting around a clock tower and sculptures from six Asian countries.
Opening times: 5am-8pm
Locate it on Google Maps: Chatuchak Park