Chatuchak Weekend Market

Visitor's Guide

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand

The Chatuchak weekend market's numbered maze of narrow alleys

Spread over 28 acres, this huge market (often also spelled Jatujak) has over 15,000 stalls, attracting 200,000 visitors every Saturday and Sunday. Its reputation as one of the biggest markets in the world has made it a must-see attraction in Bangkok, with tourists joining locals in bargain-hunting. It’s a never-ending maze of narrow alleys, which are numbered, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You just need some patience to face the crowds and manage the heat (wear comfortable clothes and take a bottle of water).

Each area has its specialty, from clothing to household goods, art, crafts, antiques, food, plants, and even pets. If you’re looking for souvenirs, you’ll find them here. For refreshments, cooling off, and a bite to eat, there are cafés and food stalls in between.

Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Thailand

The Chatuchak weekend market's contemporary art gallery and café, on section 7.

For many visitors, the highlight is section 7, which is essentially an open-air contemporary art gallery. Stalls are always changing hands, but it’s the perfect place to look for works by Thai and other Asian artists.
For local crafts and antiques (and all kinds of Buddhas), don’t miss section 1.

If you decide to buy anything, be prepared to bargain. That means you and the seller have to agree on a price that is fair for both. If you make the first offer, always start at 50% of what you’re willing to pay.

End your visit at Chatuchak Park, which is just outside one of the market’s entrances, and by the Skytrain station.

Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Thailand

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Insider Tips

-It closes at 6pm, but get there by 10am to escape the crowds and the heat.
-Take a photo of the large map at each entrance with your smartphone, so you can navigate the maze of stalls and begin your treasure-hunting.

How to get to Chatuchak Market

Take the BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit station or the MRT subway to Kamphaeng Phet. You see the market as you step out of the stations -- just follow the crowds.