Romantic Bangkok for a Couple's Holiday or Honeymoon

The most romantic places and things to do

Romantic sunset in Bangkok

Romantic sunset by the Chao Phraya River

While hectic Bangkok isn’t the first choice for a romantic vacation or honeymoon, the city is quite popular with couples, either as a long city break or as an extension to a few days in Thailand’s beautiful islands. There are actually several romantic activities to be experienced in the city, and, best of all, some fabulous hotels for the perfect break with a special someone. Here are the best things to do on a romantic holiday in Bangkok:

Rooftop drinking and dining

Make your special someone feel like they’re literally at the top of the world by drinking and dining at a rooftop. Bangkok has some of the world’s highest and most stunning rooftop bars, and several double as restaurants, meaning you may enjoy a sunset drink before dinner, or dine and sip late-night cocktails with the city’s flashing lights below you.
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Sunset and Dinner Cruises

Getting to some of Bangkok’s major temples and sights on the commuter boats (the Chao Phraya Express) is something every tourist does, but those are noisy and crowded (and often uncomfortable), so you’ll want to take the modern boats used specifically for sightseeing instead. The best ones for couples are the sunset cruises and the dinner cruises.

Floating Markets

Going to a floating market in the outskirts of Bangkok is a popular activity for locals, especially on weekends. A couple of those markets are now also major tourist attractions, and couples won’t want to miss at least half a day at one of them. Enjoy the food prepared in boats and get a taste of local culture.
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Couple at a spa in Bangkok

A couple's massage at a spa is a great way to end your day in Bangkok


Take advantage of your time in the “massage capital of the world” and go for a couple's massage. There are many parlors and spas around the city where you may choose a quicker and much more affordable Thai massage, or indulge in the full experience as a couple. For that, it’s worth staying at a hotel with a spa, although many hotel spas welcome clients staying elsewhere.
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Beaches and the Phi Phi Islands

There are no beaches in Bangkok or immediately near it, but there are a few beach destinations within driving distance. However, the main sandy destinations on a honeymoon or a romantic getaway are the resorts of the Phi Phi islands, just a short flight away. For the most recommended resorts, check the guide to day trips and places to go after Bangkok. If you want to stay closer to the city, see the guide to beaches near Bangkok.

Helicopter Tours

The top of Bangkok’s many skyscrapers isn’t as high as you can go in the city. You get a bird’s-eye view over the entire metropolis on a helicopter tour, that’s a perfect activity for couples. And there’s even the opportunity to see Thailand’s ancient capital of Ayutthaya (the country’s most romantic city) on a helicopter. See how you can enjoy these special helicopter tours.

Romantic view from a hotel in Bangkok

Stay at a hotel with a view in Bangkok

Romantic Hotels

Start and end your day in romantic suites, with fantastic views, spas, jacuzzis and fine restaurants. Check out the guide to the most romantic hotels in Bangkok.